Parent-Student Handbooks

At the start of each school year, the District publishes the Parent-Student Handbook with information on some of the District’s regulations, an explanation of the services we provide, as well as our expectations for the education of District 103 students. The handbook is intended to provide a summary of Board policies and procedures governing the District and may be amended during the year without notice. The handbook is provided at the start of the new school year as an informational resource for our students and families.

The 1:1 Teaching and Learning Handbook provides parents with an overview of our goals for the program, core apps, digital citizenship, at-home website filtering, care and maintenance of the iPad, and more. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions as well as a list of iPad Use Expectations.

Comprehensive Board policies are available in the District Administration Office and online under the Board tab.

The handbooks are also accessible on our website using the links below.